Wishbone.org Makes Dreams Come True

wishbone There is only one thing better than having your dreams come true, and that's making dreams come true for other people. Seriously. Wishbone gives you a way to do that.

This cool organization finds promising low-income students who have specific passions, and helps them apply for summer experiences, extracurricular programs -- opportunities that fit their needs. Then, Wishbone shares the students' stories with potential donors like you, who can help fund their dreams.

When you sponsor a student, 100% of the donation goes directly to their program and you can even get updates on their progress. By linking at-risk high school students with donors online who can help fund their dreams, Wishbone is helping you help the world. We can't think of a more worthy cause for crowdsourcing your friends, having a bake sale or making your next birthday a no-gifts-just-donations affair. Check out some dreams that need you.