Wreck This Journal Everywhere!

wreck this journal everywhereWe loved Keri Smith's original Wreck This Journal, which invited us to paint with coffee and deface photographs as we filled the pages with our mistakes and then destroyed them. There have been a few iterations of the book, including a beloved app, and now there's a travel-sized Wreck This Journal that we can take around the world! Wreck This Journal Everywhere includes the most popular on-the-go prompts from the original, plus tons of new to-dos. A few suggestions:

 Collect names, autographs, other people’s dreams

 Document time passing in a new environment

 Take a walk, then stand on a page

 Acquire a napkin from a restaurant, write a secret on it, glue it to a page

 Hide a page in someone’s pocket or bag with a note

Let this book inspire "creativity through destruction."