Japanese Beauty Secret: Hada Labo Replenishing Hydrator

habo-labo-hydratorI've been touting the amazingness of hyaluronic acid for its ability to keep my breakouts at bay. And it seems my mom -- keeper of excellent beauty tips --  is also on the H.A. train. On my recent visit home, she gave me a bottle of Hada Labo Replenishing Hydrator ($18), saying one is sold every two seconds in Japan (and I do love my Japanese skin products).

After testing it out, it reminded me a lot of my beloved everyday product, and it's because Hada Labo contains not one, but THREE different kinds of proprietary hyaluronic acid. And in addition to that goodness, it also contains a glucose-based emollient to help bind moisture to the skin.

Hada Labo Replenishing Hydrator left my skin super soft, not greasy, and was the perfect light moisturizer after a day in the sun. Not only do I recommend it, but it has also passed the extremely high standards of perhaps the pickiest person I know, my mom.