The Cutest Earrings Ever

chipmunk earringsI've just returned from a trip into nature -- one of breathtaking views, awe-inspiring vistas and glimpses of wildlife in its natural habitats. But forget about those deer and horses, because I'm all about the chipmunk, an overlooked and underrated critter whose cuteness definitely goes beyond a 10. Not surprisingly -- unlike the owl or tiger --  there aren't a lot of chipmunk-inspired accessories out there, but I did find an adorable pair of earrings over at The Tiny Fig on Etsy. Round, brown and smiley, these studs capture the essence of the chipmunk quite nicely!

And The Tiny Fig keeps the cute train going with cute toastcute bunnies, and yes, even cute sushi. We recommend pairing the chipmunk with some cute acorns.