Dear Kate: Your Underwear Rocks

dear-kateApparently, I've got Aunt Flo on the mind, because after my last post, I've still been researching ways to make "my time of the month" a little more bearable. And I've found it! A line of underwear dedicated to making "period panties" a thing of the past. Dear Kate is a NYC-based company that uses technological smarts to make stain-releasing, leak-proof undies. That means 1) No more accidents 2) No more hand-wash scrubbing and 3) No more overnight or activity-caused leakage.

With all its amazing claims, you might be imaging something like a Huggies or Pampers, but Dear Kate's offerings are not only practical, but also very pretty.

A pair costs anywhere from $32-$38, which, admittedly, is rather steep, but just think of all the underwear you won't be throwing away or shunning to the back of the drawer! And pro tip: sign up for their newsletter, and you'll receive 20% off your first order.

Dear Kate: giving period panties an entirely new meaning.