Eyeliner Tip: Wing It

stilaBrittany SpyksmaBlushington Makeup Artist and Beauty expert, is back to tell us how exactly to wrangle that eyeliner into submission and create an easy cat-eye (for when you're feeling Old Hollywood or early-century Lauren Conrad): 1) "Use a liquid liner if you can, but if you’re a novice or have a shaky hand, try a pen for more control. I like Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Carbon by Stila ($20, pictured). Also, to further steady your hand, hold your elbow with your other hand for support."

2) "Start in the inner corner of your eye and angle the brush or pen so that it is almost flat against your lid."

3) "Slowly glide outwards and upwards to the outer edge of your eye, slightly 'winging out' the end."

Bonus tip: If you do use a liquid liner, try not to blink for a few seconds after you draw, to let it dry. Purrfect (had to say it).