Get Appy: Tunepics!

tunpics2Much like taking a shower, drinking some coffee, or absent-mindedly applying lip balm, Instagram has seamlessly integrated itself into our daily routines. Scroll, scroll. scroll. LIKE. Scroll, scroll, scroll. Now there's another photo app to stimulate your synapses called Tunepics that lets you pair any song with any photo.

Tunepics pretty much works like Instagram -- you can apply filters and the such -- and it also accesses iTunes song previews, so pretty much any song you can think of, you can use in abbreviated form.

Another feature that sets Tunepics apart, is that instead of "liking" a pic, you assign a "feeling" from an "emotion wheel." Pink = Beautiful; Green = Jealous; Orange = Laughing. So if you like being very specific with your social-networking reactions, or you're a huge music nerd with an encyclopedic memory for songs, you've found your perfect picture-sharing platform.