Young Adult Books to Swoon Over

2 books There is still some time to get lost in a book for an entire day this summer (a.k.a. The best way to fill your hours. Period). Here's a pair of titles that will warm your heart in a realistic, that-could-be-me way:

 Wildflower by Alecia Whitaker. Bird Barrett has been on tour with her family's bluegrass band since she was knee-high, but when she gets a moment in the spotlight, a big-time music scout takes notice. Soon she's whisked into a world of agents, record deals and music videos. This book provides tons of behind-the-scenes moments in the life of a country music star on the rise, and it also touches on heartache, the complicated love of family and keeping your feet on the ground as you spread your wings.

 Like No Other by Una LaMarche. When Devorah, who's been raised in a strict Hasidic household, meets Jaxon, a regular teenager from the other side of the street in Brooklyn, sparks fly. But their relationship is forbidden, so secret meet-ups and clandestine exchanges are the only way they can connect. This is one Romeo and Juliet story that feels achingly real, and it will leave your heart brimming with hope.

Want more suggestions? #FridayReads is a great resource. Go forth and leisure read!