Read It: A Book to Inspire Creativity

imaginary worldWe use this site to chronicle things we love, and that's what Keri Smith's new book, The Imaginary World of... ($16) is all about. The creator of Wreck This Journal (one of our favorites) is back with a journal-style tome that prompts you to relish everything that fascinates, excites and inspires you -- a worthy way to spend some time. Flip through the book and take on what strikes your fancy -- creating portraits of people in your world, writing a manifesto, describing a street from your memory. This is the kind of whimsical stuff that leads to big ideas and reachable dreams. You can probably even convince your English teacher to give you extra credit for completing the book and turning it in.*

Mostly: It's just fun to do. And that's always enough.

*Not guaranteed to work, but worth a shot.