DIY: Easy Black & White Nails

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 7.58.01 PM While others are falling for colors this autumn, why not stand out in a black-and-white look with a bit of flare (but not so much that you'll drive yourself crazy trying to recreate it?). For the Tibi fashion show in New York, famed nail artist Jin Soon created these "black leatherette stitches on a light crepe base." So very cool.

 File and clean nails, removing all traces of polish and oil residue.

 Use a base coat to protect nail; Jin used JINsoon Power Coat.

 Apply two coats of a light crepe-textured polish; Jin used "Georgette," which just launched (stalk Sephora for it).

 Once the accent nail is dry, paint quick short strokes vertically down the nail; Jin used "Chamonix," which also just launched (try the gorgeous gray/black Nocturne if you can't find it). Also: We think it might be easier to use a dotting tool for this part.