Michelle Phan Launches Music Label

michelle-phanWhile I spent the weekend doing things like lying around in comfy pants and eating donuts, vlogger extraordinaire Michelle Phan was slowly making good on her plans for world domination. The 27-year-old YouTube beauty sensation will be adding "record exec" to her list of impressive accomplishments. In a partnership with Cutting Edge Group, Michelle is forming her own music label, Shift Music, that will focus on spreading new talent via -- what else -- the power of social media.

If you're one of Michelle's 7 million followers, you already know she's a huge music fan. Now in addition to doling out her best beauty tips, she'll also spread the word on the best undiscovered acts in music.

Can her influence transition from lipsticks to LPs? From blushes to bands? If you have an opinion, we'd love to hear from you. Email Us!