Super Fun DIY Sewing Projects

we love to sewI did take a class in middle school that required that I sew a tote bag for the final project. I did okay. But I never caught the sewing bug... maybe because "tote bag" wasn't the most inspiring creation to work on. That's why I wish my Home Ec teacher had had this book: We Love to Sew by Annabel Wrigley is chock full of 28 fun and lovely ideas for things to make (including a cross-body pouch that is infinitely cooler than my tote). Each project is classified "easy peasy" or "a teeny bit more challenging" or "take your time and ask for help." Blooming floral headbands, button rings and pom-pom earrings are among the prettiest "easy peasy" creations, and if your thing is more decor than fashion, the author also wrote We Love to Sew Bedrooms to show you how to can create stuff for your space.

Who knows? Maybe you'll end up on Project RunwayThis book is a fun place to start.