Try It, You'll Like It: Spin Pins

spin-pinI have a problem, and it's time I come clean: I am a chronic hair thingy loser. This weekend I spent a good 15 minutes tearing through my apartment looking under couch cushions, in bathroom drawers, and through purse and jacket pockets to find a single hair band. Just pathetic.

Later that day my friend showed me her spin pins, two double helix-looking spirals that work in tandem to hold your updo in place. As I stared dubiously, said friend instructed me to form a floppy top knot, then twist the two pins in. Did it work? Damn skippy it did!

You can get plain spin pins or pretty pearl ones if you want to accessorize. I'm sold on these twisties, but whether that solves the issue of disappearing hair things remains undetermined. At least I'll have something new to lose and complain about.