A Journal of Daily Creative Prompts

1 page at a time Adam J. Kurtz's 1 Page at a Time is out this week, and it's here just in time to buoy us through the autumnal motivation slump. You know when it gets cold and you just want to curl up with hot cocoa and Bravo shows and not do anything remotely creative? This book is your remedy.

With 365 short prompts, you can go in order or skip around to find a full year of fun activities and ideas to jumpstart ye olde artistic energy. You might spend 10 minutes one day listing your Sick Day must-haves (mine includes a can of Coke and a now-streaming Gilmore Girls marathon), and the next day you'll read a checklist of feelings and make a mark next to the ones that resonate the most with you (elaborating or not, depending on your mood).

Kurtz's book is like a journal with a road map, for those days when you're just not quite sure what to write on a blank page. Phew, we needed that.