All Hail, Rookie Yearbook Three

9781595147943_RookieYB3_CV.inddOur Rookie worship (the site, the events, the yearbooks) knows no boundaries. This week, we got a copy of Rookie Yearbook Three. People, it does not disappoint. It is, in fact, so chock full of Amazing that I can't even decide what to highlight. So, right now, as I type, I'm going to flip to a few random pages in this book and tell you what I find:  Sporting Life (p. 184). A street-court photo shoot featuring black mesh, white socks, iridescent violet lipstick and platform Chucks.

 Dancing with the Q-kidz (p. 94). Collage-style, sequin-backed, sparkling photos of the girls from Cincinnati's West End dance team, founded 28 years ago to give kids in the neighborhood's housing projects something safe to do after school.

 Our World Alone (p. 262). "An epistolary mediation on Lorde,Flannery O'Connor, the grotesque, and the ache of being a teenager." By Tova Benjamin.

 DIY BFF Earrings (p. 168). This project will end with you wearing your and your BFFs images in your ears. So you should do it, obviously.

I could go on and on. This book will keep you busy until Yearbook Four comes out, and every page is either fun, relevant, insightful, beautiful... or often all of those things. Go get this book.