Hear(t) It: Weezer, "Everything Will Be Alright In The End"

weezer-everythingWith Weezer's Everything Will be Alright In the End, principal Weezer-man, Rivers Cuomo, has penned an album that harkens back to something that feels authentically Weezer -- songs that possess a lot of regret and contrition, followed by many apologies and a string of “I’ll-do-betters.” In other words: it's pretty good. That’s the theme of Everything -- a man trying to right his wrongs -- but instead of a scorned lover (Cuomo is now married with two kids), he is apologizing to his fans for the crappy albums he’d been putting out. The single off Everything“Back to the Shack” directly addresses this with its opening lines: Sorry guys I didn’t realize that I needed you so much/I thought I’d get a new audience, I forget that disco sucks.

It’s this brand of tongue-in-cheek-confession that still makes Cuomo an anomaly in the modern rock world. But even for Weezer's decades of relevancy, Cuomo seems to understand that the glory days are over. In a world of Ke$has, Aviciis and Iggy Azaeleas, the almighty rock band's light is dimming, and Cuomo readily admits it in "Eulogy for a Rock Band": Adios rock band that we loved the most/This is a toast to what you did.

And even though he may sing the truth of Weezer’s eventual demise, Cuomo has really given it his everything on Everything. It’s a record that tells a story, complete with love songs (“Da Vinci,” “Lonely Girl”), daddy issues (“Foolish Father”), and the rewards of self-reflection (“I’ve Had It Up To Here”).

In the 20 years since Weezer released the Blue Album, they’ve strayed and wandered away from what made them a good band -- plain old sincerity. But on this new album, when Cuomo belts outs, I’m letting all of these feelings out even if it means I fail, you understand why he's given the album its imperturbable name.