A Smorgasbord of Skin Treats

sephora-masksI've become a fan of skin masks. When you don't have the time -- or the money -- to get a professional facial done, a simple 10 minute mask treats your skin to a bit of affordable luxury.But then the question becomes: WHAT KIND DO YOU USE? Clarifying, moisturizing, firming, brightening, nourishing, toning... Helllllp. Sephora's got your back though (I mean, when haven't they?) by providing an awesome Paper Mask Discovery Set ($24) that offers six different formulas with six different "powers":

- Rose Mask: moisturizing & brightening - Pomegranate Mask: anti-fatigue & energizing - Honey Mask: nourishing & balancing - Ginseng Mask: toning & revitalizing - Pearl Mask: perfecting & brightening

So pick your poison, see which one(s) make friends with your skin, then go ahead and buy in bulk.