Cool Girl: Junes, 14, Teen Feminist

jules spectorThere are many reasons to admire 14-year-old Jules Spector, who runs Teen Feminist and posts about things like, "4 Reasons Teens Should be Exposed to Feminism" and "Slut Shaming" (in which she very reasonably questions the "no shorts" rule for girls at her school: "Why aren't we teaching the boys to not sexualize women's body parts and instead we are punishing women for having body parts?") Recently, Medium re-posted the "Ten Reasons I Need Feminism" list that Jules shared on Facebook, and we took note of its awesomeness. We give you #3:

"I have to cover my legs at school by not wearing shorts in order to not 'distract the male students,' but the 'male students' haven’t been taught to respect a woman’s body and not let it 'distract them from their studies.'"

Yes, this is a person we want to watch. Want to hear more from Jules? Follow her on instagram and twitter.