Indie Crafter du Jour: SlouchyBeanie

cat-beanieHat season is upon us, and like in past years, I search like a banshee through my entire wardrobe to find last winter's hat (where the heck do they go?). After I come to terms with the fact that it's hanging out with my unpaired socks and mittens, I begrudgingly set off to purchase a new one.

But, this year, my winter-hat-mourning was cut short when I stumbled across this amazing CAT BEANIE ($15). Hand-crafted by Tania Chernova of SlouchyBeanie, these delightful ears come in lots of fun colors, like turquoiseredand indigo.

And if cats aren't your thing, there are bear ears, headbands with bows and a basic beanie -- ya know, something for everyone.