Make a Statement For Not Much

baublebar-necklaceSince I dress so plainly (read: neutral colors and black jeans), I recently decided to add a little pep to my otherwise white bread outfits. But the one good thing about solid colored tees? They look great with a bold, bright, statement-making necklace! Here are four that up my Wonder Bread status to multi-grain.  Mixed Chain Bib Necklace, Forever 21 ($25). I imagineXena Warrior Princesswearing this out on date night.

 Penta Wooded Collar Necklace, Baublebar ($44, pictured). Bright gemstones against dark wood pentagrams give a city-girl-goes-to-the-country kind of vibe.

 First Blush Necklace, Stylemint ($30). Totally vintage. Totally romantic. Totally get out your credit card.

 Geometric Necklace, Love Culture ($17). An art deco inspired design that looks like you're staring down the eye of a kaleidoscope.