Space is Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good

space-chick-patchI saw the much talked about film Interstellar recently, and while I'm not a super SciFi nerd, I do appreciate the occasional excursion into futuristic fantasyland. Interstellar did not disappoint folks, and ever since, I can't get the idea of space, space travel and other far-off galaxies out of of my head. I mean, it's INTENSE.

So to fuel the fire, here are some space-themed styles. Now excuse me while I ponder gravity's ability to time travel.

 Space Chick Patch, velvetteens ($12). Wearing this homemade embroidered patch is like belonging to a super secret space club.

 Blake Saturn Top, STORENVY ($16). Saturn has a feature role inInterstellar. This shirt knows what's down.

 Solar System Temp Tattoos, SymbolicImports ($8). Line them up in order, or separate them and apply on different parts of your body in scaled lightyears -- Mars can go on your knee, while Uranus can you on, well... you know.