Leapin' Leopard Prints!

sweatshirt-leopardWhile gingham and polka dots possess more of a spring/summer vibe, an animal print can transition seamlessly from season to season. So summon your inner feline when the winter doldrums hit their peak, and unleash a little bit of your wild side.  Leopard Print Tote Bag, BAGGU ($26). This sturdy -- and totally practical -- tote bag is great for carrying books on school days and non-academic objects for the weekends.

 Leopard Print Sweatshirt, Forever21 ($16). Who doesn't need a(nother) sweatshirt? This leopard print gets colorful blue accents for an extra dose of pizzazz.

 Fuzzy Leopard Cropped Sweater, Urban Outfitters ($69). There's something very Grease about this sweet and sassy sweater, like something Sandy would wear post-bad-girl makeover.