Monogram Jewelry: Pretty Little Letters

initial Look, I'm from the south, and we like monograms. Towels, backpacks, sweaters... any surface is fair game. While some monogramming styles can get old-fashioned and fussy, there are cooler, sleeker designs out there (think jewelry), and they make perfect holiday gifts. Ain't no regifting going on when someone's initials are on the item! Here are three great picks:

 Custom Initial Bangle Bracelet, FrostedWillow ($18). Simple, round, lovely -- perfect on its own or as a subtle new guest at an arm party.

 Handwriting Bracelet, cappucine ($169). Pricey, but so cool -- use your own handwriting or the recipient's to create a completely custom piece.

 Initial Necklaces, Little Things by TCY ($16, pictured). Let the alphabet circle your neck in gold or silver, capital or lowercase.