To Do: Plan Your Passions

passion-planner-3Life can get messy. Tests. Relationships. Work. Fun. School. Money. It's enough to make you give in to a bag of Cheetos and a couple rows of Oreos. Angela Trinidad felt the same way. After graduating from UCLA in 2013, she experienced a self-described "analysis paralysis" -- thinking and worrying too much without any action or plan. But what did help her was writing it all down with a pen and some paper.

The result of Angela's endless pondering is her creation, Passion Planner, an all-in-one weekly appointment calendar, journal, goal setting guide, to-do list, and gratitude log. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, it seems that her own "passion planning" really worked!

2015 planners are currently sold-out, but you can preorder and get on the list for the the compact or full-size version. If you just can't wait, the magnanimous Angela has made a free PDF download of Passion Planner available (just follow the very reasonable rules!)