A High-Low Bracelet You'll Love

lokai-braceletNext time you're trudging through the snow, hating on slush and wet socks, remember that it is also part of the Lokai bracelet ($18, pictured). The white bead contains water from the snows of Mount Everest and the black bead holds mud from the shores of the Dead Sea. Pretty cool on its own! But the fact that these elements represent the highest and lowest points on earth, respectively, makes the bracelets all the more significant. Their message? "Sometimes you're on top: Stay humble. Sometimes you've hit a low: Stay Hopeful."

Whatever that message means to you, this bracelet will help you keep perspective. Not to get all New Year's New-Agey on you, but we all experience light and darkness, and the whole that they create together is a balanced life to be cherished. Founder Steven Izen's story illustrates that point well.

Also: 10 percent of Lokai's net profits are donated to great charitable organizations that support kids' learning programs, clean water initiatives and Alzheimer's research, among other good stuff. Bonus.