Bullied Kids Share Their Stories

bullied kids speak outAuthor Jodee Blanco's bestsellingPlease Stop Laughing At Me... told the tale of her own years as an outcast, and since its release she has been touring American schools. Over 12 years, she's talked to teenagers who've faced daunting bullying and survived. Her new book, Bullied Kids Speak Out, shares 17 of their stories. Their stories deal with text terrorizing, fake social network profiles used to bully, humiliation videos posted to youtube and more. Each ordeal is detailed in the students' voices, and at the end of each chapter, Blanco offers insight and practical advice about how the person was able to survive the torment.

It's a rough read but it definitely can make you feel less alone, and that is worth a lot when you're feeling isolated and in the dark. That's where the book's subtitle comes in: "We Survived -- How You Can Too."