Dress Up Your Pony(tail)

pony-clipIt's the dead of winter, which means I've pretty much stopped trying to make my hair look good. Hats, scarves, freezing temperatures, and wet hair have rendered me apathetic to good hair days. Mehhhh. But, there's always the ponytail! The easiest, failsafe, default style that can literally be done while walking out the door.

To spiffy up my otherwise boring 'do, I've started to use pretty hair holders -- instant, fool-proof fancy. (TAKE THAT, SNOW.)

 Metal Mania Ponytail Holder, Urban Outfitters ($8). A shiny cylinder to encapsulate my hair? It even dresses up a sweatshirt and sweatpants tuxedo.

 Antique Floral Gold Clip, BeLovedVintageShop ($12.50). This super pretty and delicate clip will cheer up any dreary day.

 Triangle Ponytail Clip, Madewell ($10, sale!). Geometric triangle cut outs turn a sloppy pony into messy chic. It's seriously that easy.