Take the Perfect Photo

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 8.58.41 AMA good group shot is an elusive and challenging get, so we asked Photographer Central Pros Marc Smith and Stacey Zoll for their top tips. Behold: Wisdom!  Set up a shiny object (or just something fun to look at). "One of the most challenging things with big groups is getting everyone’s attention on the same thing at the same time. Therefore, having one point of contact to coordinate everyone is helpful." -Marc

 Avoid a criminal line-up. "Have everyone turn slightly either in the same direction or toward each other. Tell people to shift their weight to one foot so they don't look stiff." -Stacey

 Giant group selfies don't work. "Most people’s arms are only so long -- it’s tough to stretch out far enough to truly get a group selfie, so I recommend setting the camera on a timer and mini stand to ensure you get everyone in the shot." -Marc

 Declutter and step back! "The less stuff in the background the better. A light directly above may cast unflattering shadows. Take a step back so the light is just in front of the group." -Stacey