Your Tweets, Illustrated

drawn tweet

Some people use twitter to talk about breaking news, or personal angst, or just their lunches (um, guilty). But twitter is also a site that's inspiring art (and I'm not talking about that photo of your latte foam). Drawn Your Tweet is an account run by an anonymous pencil-wielder who is "randomly(ish) inking your tweets." The artist specifies that there are no requests, noting that "preferences go out to followers, celebrities, astronauts, pirates and small dogs." None of our tweets have made the cut so far, but we can dream.

The illustrations appear about once per day, and the one pictured here is the latest (isn't it cute?). Some more of our faves include "News update: cheezits are still in my bed, feeling happy." -@megabyte2417 and "Show me someone who can insert a photo into a Word document without messing everything up and I'll show you a wizard." -@LataraAppleby.

Follow Drawn Your Tweet for more of a shot, because these are seriously fun.