Little Tidbits for a Happy Monday

buzzfeed-beauty-videoThe weekends go by fast, don't they? We all get a little Garfield on Mondays, but here are three awesome pop factoids to start your week off right. Smile! Mattel Fired Its CEO. That's right the man who reigned over Barbie and her friends got the boot, partly due to the fledgling popularity of Ms. B. We think a makeover is in the works.

All-Lady Ghostbusters Sequel. It's one of the greatest comedies of all time (Zuuuuul!), and now director Paul Feig is making the sequel with the funniest women in the industry. Raise a marshmallow and rejoice!

3000 Years Of Body Types. Buzzfeed created a three minute video depicting the "ideal" female body through history and time. The takeaway? Beauty standards change, but you're great the way you are.