Nutshell: Jazz Up Your Moments

nutshell app I am not skilled at creating amazing videos or slideshows a la that tear-jerker of an iPhone commercial from 2013, but sometimes I want more than just a plain old video clip or collection of still photos to capture the moment. That's why I love Nutshell.

Here's how it works (for Apple and Android): Pan your phone around a scene and take three photos. The app will shoot video as you move the camera, and then let you overlay text and fun graphics. It combines all of these elements to create something like a short movie clip. So your photos turn into vignettes with motion and effects. I'm smitten because it's a visual story-teller that looks great, and it's super easy to do.

You can link your social accounts and share your stuff all over town, or just keep your nutshells to yourself. Try it out!