Valentines for Everyone

peanuts-cartoon-valentine-snoopyRemember when you used to give every single kid in your class a small, flimsy, punny Valentine? Maybe you even tried to stuff a Sweetheart candy in there too. And it was fun to come home with a box full of love, some from people you hardly knew. Love it, fear it or just "meh," Valentine's Day is a chance to be kind and spread hearts to everyone. That's why we applaud Erica Anderson, who is handing out 2,000 Valentines to strangers (again) this year. You can join her Army of Lovers right now.

Cheers also for Janna Peterson-Waddell, who creates a "Love Hunt" in her hometown of Huntsville, Alabama; she leaves Valentines on parking meters, in ice cream shops, at gas pumps... just as little pick-me-ups.

And heart-eyes for Lauree Ostrofsky, who encourages us all to paper our communities with valentines!

Now go grab a pack of cartoon valentines at the drugstore, or snag some DIY printables, and take these ladies' leads to start spreading that love around!