Wear it Now + Wear it Later

floral-dress It's that time of year when fashion brands start to unveil their really cute, spring collections. Skirts and sandals and tanks that look so sunshine-y and happy! YAY! But the problem is, in non-fashion-world-normal-people-calendar-time, it's the dead of winter, and our realities are cemented in jeans, sweaters and puffy coats. MEH.

However, you can still indulge in some spring shopping that you can wear now and later. Here's how:

 Pick a good color palate. They may not be in bloom yet, but you can go floral in 20 degree weather, just pick something with a darker color combo, like this dress (pictured) from Forever 21.

 LAYER LAYER LAYER. Obvious choices for layering would be acozy cardigan, but try a jean jacket under your heavier coat or even a blazer. (Yes, wearing two jackets is acceptable!)

 Tights (duh). Heavy duty tights are your best friend for dress-wearing in the winter, leggings work, too!

 Boots. Skip the cutesy flats and ankle boots. I like a flat combat boot to, well, combat slush and snow. Plus, you can pair them with socks for extra coziness.

After all that, pile on the scarves and mittens, and that spring-like dress is chill proof. And once the temperature hits 70 degrees, peel off all the layers and it's hello, strappy sandals!