Cool Girl: Claire, 14, Rescues Dogs

We're so into 14-year-old Claire Fraise. After she adopted her own dog, Tuggles, she learned a little bit about his life before he came to her -- he'd been homeless and roaming the streets, and he'd been hit by a car. She started thinking about all the other homeless dogs out there, and she had to do something to help them.

So Claire began taking in homeless dogs, finding them foster homes and eventually helping to place them with their forever families. She has saved many dogs, but one story she shared with really caught our hearts. It's the tale of 4-year-old pitbull Molly, who was rescued from a kill shelter in rural Georgia. Her face and neck were covered in scars, but Claire was sure she wasn't aggressive, and they found out from the vet that Molly had spent most of her life in a crate being used as a breeder. Under Claire's care, though, Molly's kind nature emerged.

“Given everything that people had done to her, she never stopped loving. That just breaks my heart,” Claire told Molly did find a family and is now “living life to the fullest and getting all the love she deserves,” says Claire.

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