ALL LOVELY THINGS COVER I am all for decluttering, but there are certain objects in our lives that are treasures. They're for keeping — not hoarder style, but selectively. Sometimes our things are a part of us, like artist and author Lea Redmond points out in her gorgeous new book, All Lovely Things: A Field Journal for The Objects That Define Us. (Enter to win your own copy!)

The book is full of creative exercises that help us explore and celebrate favorite objects in our lives (I have a collection of old mix tapes that I can't even PLAY anymore, but I will never toss them). We asked Lea to share three objects she particularly loves, and she said...

 A sea urchin shell. I grew up snorkeling with my father and have vivid memories of him bringing up beautiful shells for me from the depths of the sea. He didn't have to say a word as he handed me these treasures. I understood the meaning: "Look at this wonder. Isn't the world a beautiful place worth caring for?"

 When my grandmother passed away, she left me a gold ring that she wore almost every day of her adult life. The design is called a "love knot" and it was a gift from my grandfather. One incredible thing about my grandmother is that her love was always unconditional, without any doubt or hesitation. She wasn't gushing about it; she was a subtle lady. But it was always clear, and I am grateful to have been the witness and recipient of this kind of love. I try to follow her lead in my own life and the gold ring reminds me to do so.

 My vintage teapot made by Heath Ceramics. This object is very special to me, but I'm definitely not afraid to use it! I imagine that someday it will shatter on my floor -- and I'll have a small cry over it -- but until then, I drink tea out of it daily. I love that the glaze is officially called "sea and foam" and is inspired by the Bay Area coast where I live. Whether I'm quietly sipping solo, or serving tea to friends while having a hearty chat, it's always a joy.

Thanks, Lea! Enter to win a copy of the beautiful new creative workbook here.

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