Finally, Learn How To Contour

pocket-contour-sephoraThere are some unknowns in the universe, like: Why did the chicken cross the road? Who really let the dogs out? And how and what the heck is contouring? Sephora has just launched a mobile-only, interactive app explaining this last mystery: "The art of using shadow and highlight to sculpt, refine, and slim your face."

For all of you ever intimidated by the idea of contouring (which is pretty much everyone), this step-by-step app really breaks it down.

The app has you take a selfie and determines your face shape: oval, square, heart-shapes or round. Then a series of diagrams appears over your face that shows where to prep, highlight, contour and blend.

It's basically paint-by-numbers for your face, but instead of a mediocre Mona Lisa, you end up with amazing cheekbones.

You can only access the site on a mobile device, so check it out at:M.SEPHORA.COM/POCKETCONTOUR!