Kids Read Mean Tweets

We love Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets segments. I mean, Anna Faris and Will Ferrell can take those insults and make them comedy gold. And now, the Canadian Safe School Network has taken the format and turned it into a poignant statement on cyber-bullying: Kids Read Mean Tweets.

The video above starts out with a big laugh track, but the giggles soon fade as kids start reacting to the tweets they're reading with real emotion. It's easy to fire off 140 characters without thinking, but there's someone receiving those words, taking them in, being affected.

Adults — especially celebrities who have signed up for a life in the public eye — can often laugh off the insults that may come their way. They have a strong sense of identity, and they know that mean people aren't worth their time. For kids, it's a different story. As this video points out so well, mean tweets are not a joke (unless they're aimed at Anna or Will, who will turn it around on you and make the bullying tweeter look a fool).