Pretty Matte Nails

JINsoon Matte Maker

Here's what we love about the matte life: It gives your look a color rest while maintaining a polished appearance. Plus, it's super easy: 1. File and clean nails, removing all traces of polish and oil residue.

2. Apply one coat of JINsoon Matte Maker for a smooth satin finish.

Could that be simpler? We think not. It does, however, look best with healthy nails. So here are Jin’s tips on keeping your fingers pretty in this winter air:

♥ Apply Cuticle Oil Daily. "Cuticle oil is a purse essential, especially in winter. Look for oil that contains Vitamin E and make sure to apply it around the cuticle as well as the nail bed, rubbing it in until it is all but absorbed."

♥ Keep Cuticles Well-Groomed. "At home, I generally recommend not cutting the cuticles as they damage very easily if too much is cut off, making them raggedy and prone to infection. Instead, I recommend pushing back the cuticles around once a week to maintain the shape."

♥ Don’t Over-Shape The Nail. "For this look, you want to keep the natural nail shape. Gradually file the nail and be sure not to take off too much or make it overly round."