Read It: A Love Letter Memoir

if you find this letterWe've talked about our adoration of Hannah Brencher and her mission to fill the world with More Love Letters in the past, and this week, her first book is out! If You Find This Letter is a memoir for anyone who's ever felt lost among life's big choices. It's a great coming-of-age tale that explains the origin of Hannah's incredible The World Needs More Love Letters movement. (And she also created a book of stationery and envelopes — so cute.) We talked to Hannah (who, btw, has a fantastically inspirational website) about some of the things she's hearting this week. Congratulations on your book release, HB!

 The Day Designer by Whitney English. I have a big weakness when it comes to pretty planners but I am really trying hard to actually stick with this one and write down my goals and to do’s daily. It’s been challenging but this planner seems to make it all easier and helps me see the progress I am making in a day.

 Golden Dinosaurs. Can I even say this? Not sure. But I am seriously obsessed with these golden DIY dinosaurs. I helped my roommate spray paint some dinosaurs a few months ago and now I can’t help but want to decorate every part of my house and office with these things.

 Atlanta, GA. I moved to this awesome city 9 months ago and it’s been such a beautiful, little whirlwind. I am in love with the people, the sights, the food (!!!) and all the creative ventures that are happening in this pocket of the south. I can’t get enough of all things Atlanta these days.

 The Giving Keys. I’ve been a massive fan of this company for a while now but I’ve recently gotten into the habit of sending keys to my friends — and I have been gifted with a few too! I love the mission and heart behind this organization. It’s empowering and beautiful.

 The Mason Bar Company. I am always on the prowl for cool companies (it’s the inner entrepreneur in me) and this one keeps stealing my heart again and again. For a girl who wishes she drank more water, these mason jars have really saved my life and pushed me to be healthier.