The adilette Slide is Having a Moment

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 10.14.32 PMThese are the sandals of my adolescence. Before and after soccer games, my feet found comfort in the adilette Slides ($30) as I ate orange slices and cut tape off my ankles. These sandals were super light, supportive and oh-so-easy on the blisters. I went through several pairs. And I loved them.

Now many years later, they've seem to come out of nowhere! They're being sold on the super chic fashion site Net-A-Porter alongside Marni and Prabal Gurung, which means they're a veritable, legitimate fashion trend. (Yeah, it makes no sense to me either, but I'm going with it.)

All I know is my order arrived in the mail at work today, and my coworkers -- in their heels and ankle booties -- all looked a bit jealous. I suggest getting a pair today.