The Eco-Chicest Pencils Around

social-goods-pencilsSet down the ballpoint pen. Push aside that mechanical pencil. And definitely power down the computer. We're taking it way back to the gotta-shave-and-sharpen pencil. These incredibly attractive ones are from Social Goods Co. and are made from -- wait for it -- newspaper! They're the brainchild of Sara Lorenz, a former 9-to-5er who now is living the dream, making pencils for world to enjoy.

They come in packs of two, cute pencil pouch sets and pretty box sets. And if you don't have them already in your desk tool arsenal, you'll need the appropriate graphite accouterments of a shaver and erasers. Go to town, girl.

Last, but not certainly least, 10% of sales from these specific items go to BlinkNow, an organization dedicated to providing childhood educations and empowerment for women and community outreach in Surket, Nepal.

(As if you needed more incentive to buy them, but -- there it is.)