The Perfect Thank You Gift

ovation boxSometimes someone deserves so much of your gratitude that the usual thank yous (cards, hugs, mugs) feel inadequate. Enter The Ovation Box. It's a veritable collection of standing applause for your loved one, and here's how it works:

1. You send out a link to 20 of your chosen one's friends and family. 2. Friends and family write notes of appreciation or memories or celebrations for the recipient. 3. The notes are organized and sent back to you, the creator, for approval. 4. The Ovation Box team packages the sentiments beautifully and sends them out to the lucky recipient. 5. Said recipient opens a box full of love and tears up instantly because of overflowing emotion.

Yeah, it's a pretty sweet process that's perfect for birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, etc. Get in on the ground floor and back this project via Kickstarter.