Write a Letter; Get Free Stationery

write-on-kitApril is creeping up on the calendar, and that's pretty exciting to me. Not only because I'm planning an epic April Fool's joke on my mom involving me getting a tattoo of skateboarding hamster, but also because April is National Letter Writing month (and I love me some good stationery). In April 2014, Egg Press founder Tess Darrow challenged herself and entire staff to write 30 letters over 30 days. And thus, the Write_On movement was born.

Along with Hello!Lucky and Sakura of America, Write_On is offering a free stationery starter kit that comes with four letterpress cards and a Gelly Roll pen (<--best. pens. ever.). Sign up to receive yours here.

If you encounter letter-writing-block, Write_On has great ideas to get you inspired. One of my favorites: Send a  handwritten “text" --  a little note about your day, a one-liner, or a thought to a friend.

Listen, if wide-leg jeans are coming back in fashion, so can snail mail. Let's do it!