Introjis, Emojis for the Introvert

introjiWhen you think about it, Emojis and Bitmojis are very extroverted means of communication. They tend to lend themselves to over-exaggerated expressions, because, hey -- flipping tables and toothy grins are what makes them so great. But what about less animated people? Introverts who shy away from attention-seeking outbursts? Well, Rebecca Lynch is inventing Introjis -- Emojis with more nuanced emotional states.

Rebecca, who works in a bookstore (surprise), wanted to "represent inner states of mind or 'alone activities.'" So if a friend texts you and asks you to hang out after a long day of school, you can respond with a <i'm recharging my batteries right now>. Or if you're stuck in a never-ending group text message, you can be like: <hey man, please be quiet. I'm listening to some sweet tunes>.

Rebecca's Introji project has been successfully funded, so you can look forward to using these guys soon. Until then, check out the Facebook page, where she's taking suggestions for new Introjis to create. (Is there one for <I'm busy savoring this donut> yet?)