Special Coupon For Hatch Jewelry!


What if you could get new jewelry whenever you wanted to switch things up? With Hatch Jewelry's Ambassador program, all you need is $19 a month. Hatch showcases the pieces of very cool, independent jewelry designers with a wide range of prices and styles — and you're invited and encouraged to try out the lot if it.

As a special offer for I Heart Daily readers, enter iheartdaily at checkout when they ask how you heard about Hatch and you'll get a month of Ambassador membership for free! Here's how it works:

Sign up. You'll be charged $19/month and you can cancel anytime (the first month includes a $25 jewelry credit!).

♥ Create a wish list of the styles you like from the site (this is the fun part — may I point you to designer Emily Amey's amazing rings and studs?). Your box, valued at $200-$500, will include three pieces — likely two from your wish list and one surprise that Hatch stylist Linnea thinks you'll like.

♥ Get your box. Wear and enjoy! When you're done, mail back the pieces in the prepaid envelope and wait for your next treasure trove in the mail. If you fall in love with something, you can purchase it for 20% off. (I'm staring at a gorgeous gold bangle from my first box as I type this — and I just may keep it.)