The Best Advice for Teens

Here's the thing: There's a lot of bad advice out there. Googling basically any topic will can lead you down insanely inaccurate and sometimes detrimental knowledge paths, so we decided to round up a few of our favorite advice-giving sites where you can get the real deal on some things (yes, even from Karen O, pictured). Shouts out to:

♥ Rookie's Ask a Grow Wo/Man. Famous adults give tips on life and love. A few faves: Paul FeigKaren O (pictured), Hannibal Buress.

♥ Amy Poehler's Smart Girls. The "E is for Embarrassment" section is a favorite, and it includes Amber Tamblyn's poetry.

♥ Maureen Johnson. This author and lovely twitter personality also gives great, straightforward advice in her "Ask Auntie MJ" column. Like this one about periods. Seriously, even if you think you already know everything, read this post about periods.