Easy Beauty: Green Gel Manicure

unity_all-in-one_colour_gel_1_3I'm a lazy beauty kind of girl, so the idea of a gel manicure has appealed to me. But I heard vague things about how gel polish could hurt your nails and had not-so-great ingredients, so I've steered clear. Until now. Bio Seaweed Gel polishes are big-5 free, meaning there's no no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents. And they still have the benefits of a gel: Namely that your manicure dries in under 2 minutes out in the sun or under a heat lamp (Really! I tried it!) and it lasts for 2+ weeks without chipping (Again, really!).

My nails were a bright "Ocean Tide" (that front and center green in the picture) for most of April. The one drawback is that removing the polish does require a 5-minute acetone soak, so that's where it takes a little more effort than usual. But overall? I've found my lazy-beauty dream, in nearly 200 colors.