Hear(t) It: Warm Soda

Today is going to be 88 degrees in NYC. To combat the humidity and summon my "keep it cool" attitude, I'll need a few things: loose, breathable clothes, my reusable water bottle, and some most excellent tunes to help me combat heat-induced aggravation. The last of my needs comes via Austin-based band Warm Soda. Spewing the spirit of rock 'n' roll in fuzzed-out, catchy, pop gems, this quartet of grown, mustache-wielding men know how to harness the energy and spirit of being young, dumb and in love.

On the band's third album, Symbolic Dream, it looks as though Warm Soda singer Matthew Melton had a few amorous inspirations for lyrical fodder. "I Wanna Know Her""Find That Girl" and "Cryin For A Love" all speed along with power chords, big hooks and an aching jones for romance.

So if you're like me, and need some distraction from forming pit stains and melting makeup today, these tunes will help. And even if not, you should still listen to this album, because -- I can tell, even through your digital device screen -- you need some new music in your life.

Stream the entire album at Stereogum for free, then buy it here.