The $5 Face Mask We Lava

aztec-secret-clayTwo things that are guaranteed to make me break out -- PMS and sweat. As we all know, PMS is a monthly occurrence, but with temperatures steadily in the 80s, sweat (and zits) are now an everyday battle.For some serious, heavy-duty, pimple prevention, look no further than Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay ($5). This is no fancy-schmancy, luxury item. It's a get-down-to-business product -- and it really, really works.The powdery substance is made from bentonite clay from Death Valley, CA. What's "bentonite"? It's volcanic ash sediment and it's been known for centuries to purify, heal and clear up skin. To use, just mix the clay with water -- or apple cider vinegar -- and apply it to your face. It'll tingle and harden to the point where you think, "Is this... supposed to happen?" But it's all part of the process!

After you rinse everything off, it's as if a miniature Dyson vacuum has sucked away all the dirt and oil from your pores. We lava it.