Friday Flair: You've Been Pinned

Sweet, sweet Friday. It's been a long week. I, for one, have been sick and out-of-commission with a nasty cold, but I woke up today feeling only 50% crappy! So I'm celebrating with treating myself to, what I like to call, "Friday Flair" -- a little pick-me-up for surviving a long, tiresome week. Today's "Friday Flair" are these super cute enamel pins. I love putting them on my totes bags or jean jacket for a little personality pop.

Cool Story Bro, LukeDrozd ($7, pictured). Perfect for you book worms, pun intended.

Bowling Pin, HoopteDoodle ($9). Whether you suck at bowling or can throw strikes blindfolded, I think we can all agree bowling + nachos = a really good time.

Bomb Pop Lapel Pin, Valley Cruise Press ($10). Cherry, lemon, blueberry -- an ode to the classic astropop. Summer, FTW.